Opportunity Statement

Jamaica is a 3rd world country south of Cuba and the sourthern tip of Florida. Jamaica has challenges like many Carribean countries live on the hopes and dreams of tourist dollars.

Fewer than 65% of Jamaicans have what we would call a job. Most live day to day and eek out a living working odd jobs or a very small "business". People raise goats, sell produce, have 1 room "drink shop", drive a taxi, fish, and many other things to feed their famillies. Those with opporunity will leave to work overseas or on cruise ships.

One Up Jamaica aimgs to find donors to match with a Jamaica to help them start and/or restart a business. Sometimes this is car or boat repair, sometimes replacing stolen items, stock for a ship, a goat or feed. Almost anything can get someone on track and making a living.

We hope to develop a safe way to communicate, over guidance and moral support. We make sure the money support goes to the intended purpose.

Raise someone up up, one at a time.